The Goals Behind Our Charity and the Process

As a Realtor I have had the privilege to sell homes to veterans, active duty, and teachers alike.  From the hours they put in, the risks they take, and the service they provide, it’s the least I can do to assist them in achieving every Americans dream; to have a home to call their own.  This is why I created the charity. It’s a way to give back and assist in fulfilling the American dream they fight for or teach our children to achieve.

For our heroes raising the money, they get a few benefits for taking time from their families, loved ones, etc. to fundraise, all the while training for an endurance race 6 days a week. These amazing people have full time careers on top of all this.  Part of their fundraising pays for their endurance coaching, entry into the selected race, and in most cases, a night or two at the hotel during the race weekend.  We also hold a few events throughout the season thanking them for their efforts.  If it wasn’t for them the work would not be done, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

For our local heroes, in my opinion, the paycheck does no correlate with the sacrifice and service provided for our communities. Heroes for Heroes wants to help change that.  This first season we will be targeting a specific city, and reaching out to the Realtors in the area who are currently working with a veteran, active duty, or a teacher who is actively looking for a home.  We will have them write a letter to us talking about their service and how the assistance will benefit them in the purchase of their home.  Our Board of Directors will read all the letters and vote for the winner.  We will then surprise the winner with the news!

The money will be held in an escrow account and will be disbursed on the closing day to the escrow/settlement company.   The money has to go towards a purchase (down payment, closing costs, etc) of their home.  If the winner decides not to purchase, the money will be delivered to the runner up and disbursed to them.  All candidates must be qualified for purchase, or this donation must solidify the qualification to purchase.  We want our heroes to have the ability to maintain the home ownership they are about to embark on.   Our goal as a board and charity will be to choose a candidate where the money will go the furthest with their situation.   Many people ask about how this affects a veteran or active duty military who has a 0% loan.  They have closing costs, limits in loan amounts, and other fees, etc.  Again, our Board of Directors will choose someone where the money will go the furthest.  As a 501c3 we are legally allowed to donate this money towards their purchase.

This charity is very tangible.  You will see directly where the money goes as it will be defined by an address.  An address owned by a hero in that community!  My personal goal is to dot the entire map of the United States in every community with a home that Heroes for Heroes help purchase for our local heroes. Because EVERY HERO DESERVES A HOME!

If you are interested in becoming part of our program please email us at info@heroesforheroes.org

Scott Goshorn


Heroes for Heroes